Sarah Dekker

Head of the Zavcor Training Academy

Sarah grew up around trucks. Many people in her family, including her dad, uncles and grandparents drove a truck.

After graduating from college and working in horticulture retail, Sarah wanted a change.  After applying for various jobs, she went to Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists and a few weeks later was learning how to drive large trucks!

Sarah was hired right away by Zavcor Trucking Limited.  For the next year, she drove to Toronto for deliveries, pick-ups and drop/hooks (hauling vans, reefers and containers). After that she was sent to the US with some of the experienced drivers to show her the routes and tricks of the trade, and spent the next three years driving to and from the northeast United States, and received a Safe Driving Award. She credits her father with being her biggest mentor, on-call advisor and cheerleader.

From there Sarah was persuaded to go into the Safety and Compliance/HR office and helped to get the company its CTPAT and PIP Certificates. She also led Safety Meetings for 50 drivers and maintained driver, ISO and drug files; and audited log-books.

A few years later Sarah decided to move on to a small trucking company of four trucks.  Within a year she was running the office by herself. It included Dispatching, HR, Safety and Compliance, Accounting, Payroll and Customs, as well as driving locally when needed.

When that company was hit by the 2008 recession she went back to Zavcor Trucking for a year doing local deliveries.

Sarah worked for a few different companies over the course of the next few years; in the front office, back office and on the road.  The equipment she used included a flatbed with a tow motor on the back, a live-bottom, a feed truck, a tri-axle straight livestock truck, a tri-axle dump with a pup delivering grain to the Hamilton Harbour, and scrap metal in open-top and dump trailers.

A few years after giving birth to twins, Sarah missed the Trucking Industry and went back to driving locally one day a week for Zavcor and another small local company.  The President of Zavcor, Kirk Zavitz called one day and invited her to head up the company’s new Training Academy. Recognizing her 17 years of experience in the industry and her organizational skills, he chose Sarah to lead this new division of the company.