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Getting lined up to back in.

Finishing dropping the trailer (uncoupling).


Learning a Proper Pre-Trip

"Zavcor has a good reputation, nice facility and respectable people.  The instructors were great, very knowledgeable and helpful."  Mack J. (2018)

“I knew that I would like working, for Zavcor, but honestly it has exceeded my expectations.” Mike B. (2018)

“Doug worked with me and my schedule; he was very helpful with assisting me in getting my AZ Licence”. Jeff B. (2017)

"Everyone was more than helpful with questions and advice with training and motivation."  Tristen B. (2018)

"I would highly recommend Zavcor Training Academy. This is by far one of the best training facilities with professional driving experience around Niagara Region."  Robert W. (2018)

“I came into this course with minimal experience with big machinery and standard transmissions. Through my experienced and encouraging staff, I am operating a variety of transport equipment safely and with confidence. This course provides a safe training facility with welcoming and knowledgeable staff. They work with you to ensure you develop the proper skills to be successful in this trade”. Justin O. (2017)

"I chose Zavcor Training Academy because Shelley from WTFC recommended them. The program was very well put together, with knowledgeable people in all areas. The instructors have an amazing amount of knowledge and complement each other very well. Overall I enjoyed the 6 weeks immensely."  Autumn P. (2018)



Located in Stevensville, Ontario, Zavcor Training Academy is the newest division of Zavcor Trucking Limited, an established family owned trucking company. The Academy is certified as a Private Career College in Ontario, and operates out of the same facility as the Trucking Company.


The Academy operates within a fully operational, professional trucking company; providing our students an opportunity to learn the inside of the business with professional drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and safety officers.  Our training courses are backed by 28 years in the trucking industry, along with 30 years of driver education provided through our relationship with KRTS (Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists) in Caledonia.


We take you through all the requirements for certification as a professional transport truck driver and prepare you to take the Ontario tractor-trailer (Class A) road test, which includes the new MELT requirements.


Zavcor Training Academy has the experience, equipment and trainers to get you properly certified as a Professional Transport Truck Driver.  Upon completion of the course you are able to stay on as driver for Zavcor Trucking Limited.
We also train for 'D' Class Licences; needed for a Dump Truck, Fire Truck, Water Truck, Straight Truck and Large Pick-Up Trucks hauling Heavy Equipment.


Become A Certified
AZ Driver

We are a unique school, offering individual training to a select group of students to train them as professional, certified AZ drivers. A Professional Truck Driver needs to know about the truck they will drive, the equipment they are hauling, the rules and regulations to haul specific equipment and loads, the driver’s responsibility on the road, crossing the border and delivery etiquette.

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Start your career as a Professional and Certified Transport Truck Driver today with Zavcor Training Academy. Enroll in our courses today and take advantage of the complete and professional training provided by our expert teachers.

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