Educating Tomorrow’s Professional Drivers


Educating Tomorrow’s Professional Drivers


Zavcor Trucking Limited provides an average starting wage for a professional driver of $50,000 that can increase to $80,000 or greater. There are plenty of opportunities at Zavcor Trucking Limited for today’s Professional Drivers, with local and highway routes available. Respect For The Driver has always been a part of the  Zavcor culture. Zavcor Trucking Limited specializes in refrigerated transportation of perishables throughout Ontario and the Northeastern United States. Zavcor offers excellent long term career opportunites for Committed, Professional and Dedicated Drivers. Professional Truck Drivers enjoy flexible hours, attractive benefit packages and strong job security.

The education and experience provided at Zavcor Training Academy is the first step to beginning a new career.  The next step is joining a company with a supportive training program that will help refine and hone skills.  Upon successful completion of the Zavcor Training Academy program, students will have an opportunity for employment at Zavcor Trucking Limited.

                For students not interested in working for Zavcor Trucking Limited, Zavcor Training Academy has partnerships with a number of carriers.  These ‘Preferred Carriers’ visit The Academy regularly to promote working for their company; giving every Zavcor Training Academy Graduate Preferential Treatment. 

                The Academy became registered as a Private Career College in 2016, under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, to train Professional, Qualified Truck Drivers.  Zavcor Training Academy’s course is fully approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD)Zavcor Training Academy has modeled their program through their business relationship with Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc. (KRTS), an award winning school with 30 years’ experience. Zavcor TrainingAcademy is also an active member of the Truck Training School Association of Ontario (TTSAO), the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA), Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC), and the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada (WTFC).

                TheZavcor Training Academyprogram provides 200 hours of instruction, exceedingthe Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) requirement.The Academy is located on the premises of Zavcor Trucking Limited, giving students the advantage of learning in a Professional Trucking Environment, with maintenance and fuelling facilities on site and a 7 acre yard. Zavcor Training Academy’s fleet consists of late model automatic and manual transmission tractors.

                “We work with every student to ensure the best opportunity for their successful career”, explained Sarah Dekker, Director of Zavcor Training Academy.  “We help every student navigate through funding options, and we make every enrollment efficient and education rewarding.”

                Zavcor Trucking Limited welcomes all current and prospective students, or recent graduates, to contact them for information about their mentoring program and how The Academy can help launch a new career.

Zavcor Trucking Limited understands the importance of Educating Tomorrow’s Professional Drivers.

Zavcor Training Academy would like to extend an invitation to visit the school and meet the team.


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 Full/Part Time, Truck Driving Instructor Positions Available!

Zavcor Trucking Limited is an equal opportunity employer