Professional Class "A" Driver

After graduating from the Zavcor Training Academy you will have your Class "A" Driver’s License, and will have met, and surpassed all the new Ontario M.E.L.T. guidelines. You will be a professional driver!

There are several preferred partners who will give preferential treatment to our graduates. Zavcor Trucking is also looking to hire new professional drivers to join their team; both local and highway drivers.

Most professional trucking firms have attractive pay and benefit packages.  As a trained professional you will enjoy job security. You'll also have that wonderful feeling of freedom of the road as a driver, and can often work with flexible hours. There are many opportunities for advancement on the road or in the office.

What To Expect

Trained, professional drivers can expect a starting salary of $40,000, and with years of experience can earn much more, $80,000 and beyond.  Truck driving also offers the opportunity of working with the newest driving and safety technology in this rapidly changing industry.

Letters From Employers

Zavcor Trucking Limited

Spring Creek Transportation

G. Zavitz Ltd. 


Gordon Food Service

Salit Steel


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Zavcor Training Academy has the experience, equipment and trainers to get you properly certified as a Professional Transport Truck Driver.

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Start your career as a professional and certified truck driver today with Zavcor Training Academy. Enroll in our courses today and take advantage of the complete and professional training provided by our expert teachers.

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