Stevensville Company Addressing Trucker Shortage

Stevensville Company Addressing Trucker Shortage

The Welland Tribune                17 Jan 2018                                                         KRIS DUBE

At Zavcor Trucking Limited, Sarah Dekker is the Director of Zavcor Training Academy, for people looking to hit the road with a new career.

The average age of a tractor trailer driver is higher than in any other field — and that’s in part why a training academy at Zavcor Trucking is driving to bring in new blood.

The Stevensville Company which has been operating since 1990 started its training school last March — putting multiple drivers on the road with both AZ and DZ licences.

Before its course was established, recruiting new people to hit the road was becoming difficult, says Academy Director Sarah Dekker.

“We were having a hard time getting drivers who could actually do the work.”

Dekker said jobs are available with Zavcor, as well as with other companies it has partnered with.

With many of the men and women behind the wheels of today’s big rigs approaching the end of the road with their careers, bringing in a new group of drivers is important.

“We’re going to have a lot of people retiring in the next five to 10 years and there’s already a shortage of drivers,” says Dekker.

Last July, the Ontario government implemented the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) program, doing away with other driving schools that didn’t provide hands on guidance with its students.

“They were only teaching them what they needed to pass the test,” says Dekker.

She says some students were only being taught about automatic transmissions, not manual.

“The Ontario government said all levels of truck drivers need to be properly trained.”

Zavcor hopes to attract new men and women to its classroom and help them get on the road with a career, which Dekker says is more of a “lifestyle” than anything.

The academy is a Certified Private Career College. Contact information can be found at

Zavcor Trucking specializes in temperature-controlled transportation, hauling fruits and vegetables.

Drivers with the company regularly travel to parts of Quebec, as well as northeast U. S., states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.